This isn’t a race, it’s a Car Rally.

This is NOT a race, this is the most important rule of all, please drive safely. That includes no bumping into other cars, and no speeding. You are here to enjoy your car rally adventure, not to lose your licence. There is no advantage whatsoever in reaching a destination first.

Types of Car

As already mentioned, the Funball Rally is open to everyone. You don’t need a certain type of car that costs less than £300, or have to raise a certain amount for charity. ALL cars are eligible, from Bangers to Bugattis you’re all welcome. Remember the Cannonball Run? They had a huge variety of cars taking part, and look at the fun they had.


You must have a valid passport and full driving licence (paper and card). Your car must have an MOT, V5 certificate, tax and insurance, that covers you and all named drivers, for driving in Europe. Even if your car does have a valid MOT, you still need to make sure it’s currently roadworthy. Pay close attention to brake and tyre condition, as you’ll be needing them a lot. We check all documents at the Rally Registration, so make sure you have everything to hand if you want to be in the car rally.

Terms & Conditions

All Funballers will need to agree to our full Terms and Conditions, we will send you a copy of this with your Rally Pack. All team members must sign this document, please bring it to Rally Registration.